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QuickTime app is a media player from Apple which is used to play the multimedia files from the local or from the network. It is able to play, create, and publish media files such as video, audio, and multimedia presentations. It can also be used to capture and edit digital video, as well as record and play sounds.


In QuickTime Player, you can play back movies, sounds, and music files. The program provides a simple way to view, organize, play back, and convert media files. QuickTime Player Windows version also has a number of features for making your own movies, such as the ability to add titles, credits, and effects.


This program is composed of components that are small, lightweight, and can be used to create anything from a simple media player to a robust multimedia platform. QuickTime player Windows version plays movies, music, and audio, as well as some other formats. 

It allows you to play movies, movies with subtitles, and more. It's a good service, but it's also a bit complex.


After QuickTime download, you’ll get access to the following features:

  • Subtitles support;
  • A comprehensive set of tools that can be used to edit video clips;
  • Add transitions between clips, apply effects, and create chapters;
  • QuickTime player free download is available for both personal and commercial use;
  • Import files from iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Final Cut Express;
  • Organize your media with tags and comments;
  • Enjoy your content on TV with AirPlay.


The interface is very similar to that of Windows Media Player, with a few differences that are notable. The browse window in QT is much more refined than in WMP, in that the artist/ album/genre section is in a row at the top of the browse window. 

This row allows you to quickly change the view if you want to see the files in your library grouped by artist, or by genre, or by album. This is a great feature and one that I would like to see in WMP.


  • Q1: How to install QuickTime Player?
    A1: For installation, simply click on the button below to get the latest version of the app for either Mac or Windows. Save the file to the location you choose. Then, double-click the downloaded file to begin installation.
  • Q2: Can I get QuickTime 7 Windows version?
    A2: Yes, but not an official version because since 2016 Apple stopped support for Windows. Please note that QuickTime for Windows requires Windows Media Player 6 or higher to play video.
  • Q3: Does Apple still support QuickTime?
    A3: Yes. Apple has continued to update the app both with security patches and new features.

The Bottom Line

With support for both Mac and Windows operating systems, QuickTime player 7 is one of the most commonly used media players in the world. Overall, QuickTime on Windows 7 is a nice application. The interface is clean and easy to navigate through. 

The player also offers some nice features like creating playlists, sharing media through social media networks, and creating bookmarks for your favorite media.

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